Sock Revolution was launched in 2009 to make it easy to buy high quality wholly-Australian made socks. We were sick of cheap, poor quality imported socks that let us down, with discomfort and blisters, quickly wearing out or shrinking. We were also looking to support and encourage local Australian manufacturing.

Our initial offerings were a range of socks to provide wearers with comfort and support while they enjoyed the outdoors. These were made for us by Melbourne family company Humphrey Law, who have been making socks in their Heathmont factory since 1947. As our socks sold so well and were commended by customers, we decided to add Humphrey Law socks to our website in 2011.

Now we have realigned our business and decided to become the premier Internet outlet for Humphrey Law socks. As part of that we have dropped our Sock Revolution branded socks in favour of Humphrey Law labelled socks which are identical except that they do not have our logos on them. (See new Style numbers below).

Humphrey Law socks are simply the best. They will outlast cheap imported socks made with poor quality yarns and they feel really comfortable. Most of their socks are Health Socks®, a term trademarked by Humphrey Law in 1989 when they took the elastic out of the top of the sock so it would not restrict circulation but would not slip down into the shoe. Other manufacturers now label some of their products as health socks but they are poor attempts to reproduce the Humphrey Law Health Sock® which is made only with healthy natural fibres, and to exacting technical requirements producing graduated knitting from the foot upwards allowing the sock to “hug” the lower leg.

Australian soldiers now also wear Humphrey Law socks as the company satisfied the Defence Department’s stringent testing and recently won the contract to supply socks for servicemen and women for the next five years. As Government tenders must provide “value for money” it is good to have this independent assessment of Humphrey Law socks as meeting that requirement.