60% Fine Merino Wool Health Sock® – Fern Pattern (Style 85C)


This fine merino wool dress sock with a fern leaf motif is excellent for business wear – especially if you are a New Zealander!  It keeps feet warm and comfortable with extra nylon reinforcing for longer wear. A Health Sock® with no tight elastic top. (The plain version of this sock is Style 83C for Small size and Style 86C for Medium and Large sizes.)

  • Small (Ladies' 3 - 8, Men's 4.5 - 6)
  • Medium (Men's 7 - 10, Ladies 8 - 11)
  • Large (Men's 10 - 13)

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Additional information

Small (Ladies' 3 – 8, Men's 4.5 – 6), Medium (Men's 7 – 10, Ladies 8 – 11), Large (Men's 10 – 13)



Style No.

Sock Contents


Washing instructions

  • Short warm wash on medium cycle.
  • Wash with similar colours.
  • May be tumble dried warm. Do not bleach.

Sock Sizes

The critical consideration when buying socks is to get the correct foot length.   Sock lengths are usually given by reference to shoe size, but to get a more accurate measure you can stand on a ruler, and measure the longest part of your foot in centimeters.

Most Humphrey Law socks for adults are made in small, medium and large foot sizes.  Details of these appear below but broadly speaking :

the SMALL size fits the average ladies’ foot, or a men’s small foot;

the MEDIUM size fits the average men’s foot, or a ladies’ large foot; and

the LARGE size fits the men’s large foot.

Details of sizing for children’s socks, extra wide socks, and Ankle Foot Orthotic (AFO) socks are also listed below, and are followed by details about the (leg) length of socks.

Adult Socks

Aus/UK Shoe Size Euro Shoe Size Foot Length
Small 3 – 8 (Ladies’ shoe)
4.5 – 6 (Men’s shoe)
35 – 41 22 – 26 cm
Medium/Regular 8 – 11 (Ladies’ shoe)
7 – 10 (Men’s shoe)
40 – 45 25 – 29 cm
Large/King 10 – 13 (Men’s shoe) 46 – 51 30 – 35 cm
Extra Large 13 – 16 (Men’s shoe) 50 – 55 36 – 39 cm

Children’s Socks

Aus/UK Shoe Size To Suit Ages
Children’s Small 5 – 8 3 – 5
Children’s Medium 9 – 12 5 – 8
Children’s Large 13 – 3 8 – 10

Extra Wide Socks

As noted above, sock sizes are usually quoted in terms of foot length. However extra large feet are likely to be wider or more bulky as well as longer. As socks are a knitted fabric, when they are stretched width-ways the sock necessarily becomes shorter. This often makes it difficult for someone with extra large feet to find the most comfortable sock for them.

Humphrey Law Extra Wide socks are knitted to stretch: from 18 to 46cm around the widest part of the foot; from 23 to 48cm around the foot from the back of the heel to the top of the foot; and from 16 to 50cm around the lower leg.

Socks with extra width are available in the following sizes. If you have larger feet and are unsure which sock will be best for you, feel free to send us an email including details of the width and length of your foot, the circumference around the heel, and around the lower leg. We will then suggest the likely best size sock for you.

Aus/UK Shoe Size Euro Shoe Size Foot Length
Extra Wide Small (Style 67X05) 3 – 8 (Ladies’ shoe)

4.5 – 6 (Men’s shoe)

35 – 41 22 – 26 cm
Extra Wide Medium (Style 67X07)  8 -11 (Ladies’ shoe)

7 – 10 (Men’s shoe)

40 – 45 25 – 29 cm
Extra Wide Large (Style 67X10) 10 – 13 (Men’s shoe) 46 – 51 30 – 35 cm
Extra Wide and Long (Wool Style 67X14) (Cotton Style 57X14) 13 – 16 (Men’s shoe) 50 – 55 36 – 39 cm
Extra Wide and Extra Long (Style 67X16) 14+(Men’s shoe) 55+ 38 – 45 cm

AFO (Ankle Foot Orthotic) Socks

AFO socks are knitted for those who wear callipers, braces or similar orthotic devices. The dimensions given below for these socks are only approximate. To ensure a firm fit without wrinkles a person qualified to fit orthotics should fit the socks.

Style Un-stretched Foot Length Foot Length can be stretched to: Un-stretched Leg Length Leg Length can be stretched to: Approximate Maximum Circumference Approximate Age of wearer
5AH01 10.5cm 14cm 23 cm 27cm 25cm 5 years
5AH02 14cm 18.5cm 29.5cm 34cm 26cm 7 years
5AH03 16.5cm 20cm 34.5cm 41.5cm 26cm 11 years
5AH04 20cm 24cm 38cm 44.5cm 26cm 12 years
50H05 22cm 26cm 44cm 46cm 38cm Adult
50H07 25cm 29cm 49cm 50cm 38cm Adult
50H10 30cm 35cm 49cm 50cm 38cm Adult
50HW7 25cm 29cm 49cm 50cm 34-50cm Wide Calf Adult
50HW0 30cm 35cm 49cm 50cm 34-50cm Wide Calf Adult

Leg Lengths

The length of a sock is measured on the leg, from the floor to the top of the sock. Measuring the length of a sock as it sits on-the-shelf will not produce an accurate result. The “relaxed” shelf leg length varies according to the amount of lycra in the sock, the thickness of the sock and the time it has sat on the shelf.
Most socks – with a “C” as the third character in the full Style code – have leg lengths around 18 to 22cm (Ladies’) or around 22 to 26cm (men’s) depending on their contents.
Our half-hose socks  come to just below the knee, they are Styles 05H (40cm long), 11H (45cm long) and 86H (40cm long).
The cotton walk sock (Style 54W) has considerable stretch and while it can look short on the shelf its leg length when worn is 45cm.
Mid-calf socks style 22H Grass Seed sock is about 35cm long.
Ankle sports socks (Style 36A and 57A) have a 3cm leg. And the cushion-sole sports socks (Styles 33A, 33B, 47A and 47B) have a 10 to 12 cm leg.

Invisible Socks

Please refer to the particular sizing information on the Invisible Sock page.